The East London Play and Learning Collective

Established: 2021

Project Update August 2023

Gamechangers is taking a strategic pause until further notice.

As a project that is counter to the dominant culture we live in, we have faced significant challenges where the two cultures meet.  Our desire for equity has meant treading tricky lines on affordability, and has led us to rely too heavily on the willingness of a few volunteers.  This unsustainable model repeatedly causes individual burnout in the name of change; we believe another way is both vital and possible. 

We don't know how the future will unfold, but we know it will take more than our existing team to hold this collective vision.  If you or anyone you know would love to help us (most espeically with fundraising!) please do get in touch:

Gamechangers is a self directed learning and democratic community in a facilitated environment

We are based in an adventure playground in East London and we are for home educated children aged 6 - 12 years old. Gamechangers runs for two days per week during school hours.  We are committed to equity, with an emphasis on play and consent.  A place where children are free to choose how and what they learn, without their parents. Where all voices are heard and respected and where children can practice balancing their own individual needs and collective needs of their community. Gamechangers is a not for profit community interest company.

Self directed 

All individuals deserve a respectful, nurturing education which upholds their human rights and gives them freedom. We believe in unshackling learning from standardised testing and age based goals.

Play based

We trust children’s natural curiosity, intuition and their drive to play.


We trust our collaborative dynamics by making use of consent, democratic governance and nonviolent communication.


We recognise that all education is political. We trust that balance between autonomy and solidarity can be created. We rate equity over equality and strive for maximum accessibility.

Our Vision

To offer to our young people the empowerment and responsibility of a nonhierarchical and empathetic, self directed education within a community.

As a community we develop a culture of connection and communication. These relationships based on trust, safety and empathy create a sense of belonging and support our members to thrive. The self directed journey of each individual cultivates curiosity and critical thinking, embodies pleasurable learning and enables all to reach their full potential.

Within the setting, the core team and the wider community of parents we practise and uphold our principles. We are interrelated with the local community and other self directed learning communities.

Who We Are

We are people who want to change the world by changing the face of education.

We're a group of home educating families who are working together to build a sustainable, accessible learning environment. We live in East London and have been working on this project since 2019. 

How can my child join?

Applying for a place

 Please email for an application form.

We are open Wednesdays & Thursdays, and there is a sliding scale of fees depending on family income (Price per day £24 - £54, please see our information page to find out more). 

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