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Unschooling is a word that was coined to describe an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities, whole life experiences and successful family relationships as the best way to learn and thrive.

Working together for greater freedom, autonomy and social justice in education. The Network explores educational alternatives and promotes human-centred and rights-respecting practice in education in the UK; advocating for more voice and choice for children and young people in how they learn.

The Agile Learning Center approach is being received extremely well by educators, parents, and social innovators seeking a powerful education alternative. They've created an ALC Starter Kit.

The stories of grown unschoolers aged 20 - 29 in their own words. An 'unschooler' is anyone who enjoyed large amounts of autonomy and self-direction as a child, mostly outside of conventional school.

Children come into the world with instinctive drives to educate themselves. These include the drives to play and explore. This blog is primarily about these drives and ways by which we could create learning environments that optimise rather than suppress them

The Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE) is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to normalising and legitimising Self-Directed Education, to make it available to everyone who seeks it


  • 'Nonviolent Communication can be emotionally violent', on the pitfalls of NVC. View
  • NVC: Changing Consciousness, Relationships & Systems, on using NVC equitably. View
  • Trauma-informed NVC. View
  • Decolonising NVC. View
  • NVCs giraffe vs jackal language. This slide share has a good table on the two. View
  • On horizontal communication from Je'anna at The Riverstone Valley School. Watch


Reading list

Teresa Graham Brett - Parenting for social change

Faber and Mazlish - How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, and Listen So Kids Will Talk

Thomas Gordon - Parent Effectiveness Training

Peter Gray - Free to Learn

Daniel Greenberg - Turning Learning Right Side Up: Putting Education Back on Track

Peter Hartkamp - Beyond Coercive Education 

Yaacov Hecht - Democratic Education

John Holt - How children learn, How children fail, Learning all the time

Ivan Illich - Deschooling Society 

Rue Kream - Parenting a Free Child: An Unschooled Life

Pam Larricia - Free to live

A. S. Neill - Summerhill School 

Harriet Pattison - Rethinking Learning to Read

Lori Pickett - Project Based Homeschooling

Stephen Porges - The Polyvagal Theory

Marshall Rosenberg - Non Violent Communication

Heather Shumaker - It's OK Not to Share

Watching and listening

  • Self-Taught Life Stories From Self-Directed Learners, the movie
  • School Circles: Every Voice Matters, the movie
  • Fare of the Free Child, podcast