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The facilitators are on the ground with the Gamechanger's, supporting the self led learning that arises and co-creating an emergent curriculum.  They hold the space so that everyone can feel secure and accepted and model the community behaviour.  

Josh Grey-Jung

Josh is a facilitator, musician and artist. From his work with children of all ages in mainstream, SEN and alternative educational settings, Josh has gained an understanding of the diverse and distinctive ways in which young people learn. His experience of working abroad in a democratic school in October 2020 caused him to reflect on the parallels between self-directed learning and his own creative and psychotherapeutic practices.

Josh is currently completing a Master’s in Creative Practice (Goldsmiths) and a Foundation in Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy (New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling) alongside working at Gamechangers.

His journey into existential counselling has highlighted to him the limitations of pre-established categories and interpretations of people, teaching him to search for truth and connection with an open mind and an attitude of wonder. Meanwhile, his musical and artistic work has engendered in Josh a firm belief in the creative potential of collaboration, the importance of allowing oneself the freedom to fail, and the rich results that can emerge from embracing the unknown.

Ayesha Bhatti

Poet and experiential facilitator Ayesha, has been working with children for over 10 years. Her way of work includes acknowledgement, curiosity, dialogue, creativity, adaptability, play, fun, radical trust and holding space for unfolding to occur.

On completion of her degree in Counselling and Therapeutic studies, Ayesha went on to travel in India, and spent nearly two years volunteering and learning. It was a turning point for many things, especially her spiritual connection which has continued to grow since then into a way of life.

On arrival back in the UK she began a MA in Theatre and Global Development which took her to work with young people in creative projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina, India and England. She worked in a primary SEN school and then moved to more informal education settings such as outdoor education. Working in a semi directed way she felt the pull to be more democratic and holistic in her work with children and went on to train in outdoor therapy and now works as a child counsellor.

Throughout all these various interactions and experiences she has developed a passion for democratic learning environments, child autonomy and recognition of the ‘whole’ of a person.

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